Sydney Trades Hall
Sydney Trades Hall

4 Goulburn Street, Sydney 

Sydney Trades Hall is a physical reminder of the history and tradition of the Trade Union movement in New South Wales and provides evidence of the social and socio-economic history of the city.

Initially, OCP Architects prepared a Conservation Management Plan (CMP), which included detailed documentary research and archival recording of the building, its uses and its history. This CMP was subsequently endorsed by the then NSW Heritage Office.

The scope of works was then increased to include conservation and upgrading works to the building, including installation of fire and access systems, air-conditioning, upgrading of electrical/data and communication systems and a new lift. Executed in conjunction with conservation works to the facade and management of the extensive moveable heritage collection included within the building, upgrading and adopting the Sydney Trades Hall to a usable, modern office building was a substantial undertaking.

At the completion of the project, Sydney Trades Hall was conserved and adaptively reused, providing an excellent example of modern reinvention. The building has a new ‘heart’ internally which lets in an abundance of natural light and the building’s main heritage features and moveable heritage items contribute to the overall interpretation of the building. It has been fully conserved both internally and externally and many original features have been reinstated by skilled crafts people.

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