Central Railway Station
Central Railway Station

OCP Architects were engaged as the conservation architects for RailCorp to undertake a major program of sandstone conservation works for Sydney Central Station with the particular aim of preserving and enhancing the heritage significance of the building’s colonnade, bridge and retaining walls. OCP produced a detailed stone schedule for all 19 areas of the station in the form of a database as well as CAD drawings for both the overall areas and specific stonework details, in addition to overseeing works on site. The restoration works were designed to impact minimally on the existing railway station, light rail, bus services, pedestrian and parking operations of Sydney Central Station. Throughout the course of the works the Station shall remain fully operational.

The conservation works were completed to ensure not only a long-standing, minimal maintenance outlook for half a century, but also to restore and commemorate one of Sydney’s greatest historical landmarks. Other works undertaken by OCP Architects at Central Station include complete review of access provisions (including lifts, escalators, paving, crowd control, access streets, ramps and bridges), graphic design of construction hoarding during restoration works, as well as the concept design of the Devonshire entry (including escalators, lifts and access stairs).

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